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Inclusifyy's Lunch & Learns are the first steps to setting a foundation for education on diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace. To translate information into knowledge and habit, repeated practice and continuous learning are essential.


The insights, tools, strategies, and frameworks shared in our Lunch & Learns will yield solutions once they are adopted and executed across the following organizational areas: 


1. Practice 

2. Process 

3. System Supports 

4. Organizational Culture 

5. Performance (KPIs) 

6. Governance. 


These Lunch & Learns are the beginning and the catalyst of an organization's diversity, equity, and inclusion journey. 


We provide the guidance and support your organization requires to make diversity, equity, and inclusion an everyday habit of organizational excellence.  


Inclusifyy can also build custom and industry-specific one-hour workshops for your staff, customers, and communities.   

Lunch & Learn Series

Some of the Lunch & Learns available are: 

  • Anti-Black oppression and racism in the workplace

  • Addressing workplace racism in the moment: a four-step process

  • Diversity in organizations

  • Leveraging inclusion in the workplace

  • Equity and systemic barriers in the workplace

  • Recruiting a diverse workforce: tools and strategies that work

  • A financial/business case for diversity and inclusion

  • How are diversity and innovation linked? Strategies for Kaizen and innovation

  • Inclusive Leadership (No, you do not need to be a leader or have formal authority)

  • Using the principles of entrepreneurship to increase revenue

  • Performance managing employees of colour

  • Microaggressions: what are they, really? And what do we do about them?

  • Talking about race in the workplace

  • How to be an Anti-racist at work

  • Can I say Black? What is privilege? What is Whiteness?  What’s White fragility? What’s the difference between Indigenous and Aboriginal? Why can’t I use certain term but they can?

  • Managing diversity, equity, and inclusion at the executive table

"Revolution is not a one time event."

-Audre Lorde

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