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Black Lives Matter

As a Brown person, the protests & murders in the States, along with the death of Regis Korchinski-Paquet in Toronto, have shaken me.

These events have also reminded me why I foundedInclusifyy.

While we have made tremendous strides, events occurring in Canada & the U.S. highlight just how much further we still have to go. This is not ‘someone else’s’ problem; it is not enough to state Black lives matter. We need to take our shock and dismay & channel them into action. The murders & protests are glaring reminders of why it is important to consistently engage with diversity, equity, & inclusion. We need to start having difficult conversations, & participate in solutions. As such, I will make posts recommending ways in which we can meaningfully engage as allies of Black people. We will look at ways to have a meaningful impact as individuals & within organizations.

How we can push farther. How we can match our words with our actions. I invite you to join me: be part of the discussion. Be a participant in solutions.

Tomorrow, we will dive into a non-exhaustive list of dos & don’ts to support the BLM movement.

Racism is a collective issue, & a collective journey to its resolution. We are in this together: let’s learn, find & work on solutions together.

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