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BLM: Post 2

When you read articles and see pictures from the protests, how do you feel? Do you experience feelings of sadness and helplessness? Do you feel like there is nothing meaningful you can do?

Doing nothing and remaining silent enable the injustice to endure, and is passive complicity. Invisible, passive complicity facilitates active, visible discrimination by presenting no resistance to it and by offering no support to victims.

Racism is a collective issue, and has a collective journey to its resolution. Please comment and ask questions below: discuss your own initiatives, and flag anything you need clarification on. We are in this together: let’s learn, find, and work on solutions together.

For our first call to action, we will focus on how we can have impact as individuals. Tomorrow we will examine how we can effect meaningful change within our organizations.

We can actively resist and actively support. Please, when we take action, keep this non-exhaustive list of dos and don’ts in mind:

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