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DEI Alternative Facts #8: “I Am Not Privileged”

Do you find yourself measuring your success by the things you don’t have? That ZR1 your neighbour drives? Lisa’s fancy new #MBA?

It’s easy to ignore the worth of what we already possess; our advantages have kept us from seeing the disadvantages of those who are under-served. Work through the image & consider:

-How if you are close to the center on most categories, you hold a lot of power & privilege (PP);

-How this PP manifests in your decision-making. How are your personal assessments impacting your equity work? How is this risk managed against personal judgements that get embedded into systems?

The closer you are to the center, the more power and privilege you have. These are your advantages; what are you choosing to ignore?

These are some of the reasons why equity work requires an engagement at the rhizomatic, structural and systemic level.


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