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Testimonial for Amanda Fernandez's Inclusifyy:


Although I have only recently been introduced to Amanda Fernandez's work on diversity, equity, and inclusion, the quality of her insights and her focus on the root causes of inequity are profound, original, single-minded, persuasive, and refreshing. While it has become mantra and cliche that racism and discrimination are systemic and structural, few analysts and influencers begin there. 


If inequity and discrimination are systemic, then a systems approach to workplaces is as obvious as it is non-negotiable. That is what Amanda accomplishes: a holistic assessment of organizations as systems and structures, grounded in critical analysis and an acute awareness of the organizational need for forward movement. Her insights are acute and prescient.


In all of my communications with Amanda, including a recent keynote and a five-part equity workshop, I have observed her character and personality to encompass a prism of stellar attributes: dynamic and energetic, impassioned and enthusiastic, forcefully articulate and empathetically gentle, a deep and original thinker, an emotive storyteller, and a powerfully engaged speaker. 


Undergirding these qualities are two that evoke my deepest admiration and respect: consummate organizational skills that are never rigid and inflexible; and reliance on and grounding in solid evidence and research.


I trust these comments serve to support, without hesitation, Amanda Fernandez and Inclusifyy.

Alvin M. Schrader, PhD

Professor Emeritus, Practicum Sessional Instructor

Adjunct Professor

Institute for Sexual Minority Studies and Services (iSMSS)

University of Alberta

Amanda cares deeply about diversity and inclusion. She thinks differently, challenges the status quo, and comes up with novel solutions rooted in facts and data. I can always count on Amanda for honest and candid feedback that challenges my thinking. When seeking her opinion or consulting with her I find my opinions being changed by a new understanding or that her challenging questions and insights have helped me to fortify my current position.

Joe Barone

Director, 3M

St Paul, Minnesota

The Inclusifyy training I received from Amanda Fernandez was core-changing. By this I mean, it transformed the core of my values which forever-changed my thoughts and actions.


I came to the course owning I had personal biases as well as knowing that, on more than a few occasions, I had remained a silent bystander during racist situations. I came to the course wanting to learn how to become a better person but quickly realized that I really just wanted to learn how to feel better about the person that I was.


Amanda called me on that—she respectfully and consistently pushed back until I came face-to-face (literally, while looking at myself in the reflection of my computer screen) with how much I needed to learn, relearn, and most critical to me…unlearn.


I unlearned that being “not racist” is what people need to strive for; I relearned that my say:do ratio is critical to ending racism; and I learned I must actively be an anti-racist each and every minute of each and every day. It is not enough to want to be better—I need to do better. And Amanda is the one to guide the way to truly achieving diversity, equity, and inclusion not only in our workplaces, but also within our homes and neighbourhoods and across our shared world and its communities.

Leanne Myggland-Carter

Director of Library Services at Spruce Grove Public Library

Spruce Grove, Alberta

Our business hired Amanda to research and provide services needed in our start-up. She is a strategic and lateral thinker with great execution skills.  We recommend working with Amanda to help your leadership team excel.

Tyler Mosher

Chief of Business Development

BC Hop Company Ltd, Abbotsford, BC

Amanda Fernandez is fearless in speaking the truth about systemic racism. Amanda is able to do the hard work of having you reflect on how our present reality in social structures. She speaks to the, "learned behaviors (that) lead to the unequal distribution of power and privilege solely based on skin color". If you are prepared to do the work, and we all must do this work then Amanda will bring expertise in the history, the language and help you unlearn/co-learn towards a truly inclusive culture.

Rudy Ruttiman

Executive Director, SKETCH- WORKING ARTS

Toronto, Ontario

I recommend Amanda because she will push you outside of your comfort zone and support you through your growth. Amanda will provide a lens for your organization that maybe you didn’t look through but you should. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the work place need to be in the culture not just the corporate statement.

Leah Woodford

Manager, Bonnyville Municipal Library

Bonnyville, Alberta

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