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Rebuilding job postings and job descriptions with an equity lens and identifying Black, Indigenous, and people of Colour candidate pools are the first steps in the process of achieving a meaningful and comprehensive diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) commitment.


These steps ensure diversity, but not inclusion, belonging, or retention. In addition to meaningfully contributing to a new job, building relationships with new colleagues, leaders, customers, etc., we are mindful that a newly hired Black, Indigenous, and/or employee of Colour is entering a White space, and will have to navigate Whiteness, White supremacy, and White fragility. Their experience is compounded by the synergistic effect of intersectionality.


To leverage the benefits of diversity and plurality, we need to consider organizational culture and inclusion.  Rebuilding job descriptions, garnering a more diverse candidate pool, and then hiring an underrepresented person are great beginnings, and these great beginnings are futile if not incorporated into a broader corporate culture of inclusion. 

Full-Cycle Recruitment

Inclusifyy's full-cycle recruitment process minimizes the impact of systemic barriers too often faced by underrepresented individuals in your recruitment processes; we will have tough conversations with our clients about inclusion, and how your engagement with DEI does not stop after you hire a racialized and systemically underrepresented employee. To fully engage with your organization’s hiring needs, Inclusifyy commits to: 

  • Understanding the needs, purpose, and culture of your organization; 

  • Reviewing your job posting, job description, interview guides, and supporting documents;

  • Rebuilding the job posting and the job description with an equity lens;

  • Identifying where to post jobs to ensure high visibility by Black, Indigenous, candidates of Colour, and other underrepresented applicants; 

  • Short-listing & pre-screening candidates; 

  • Interviewing short-listed candidates (this is done in collaboration with your organization); 

  • Checking references; 

  • Your team will select a candidate, and we will proceed to the offer stage. 

“When we’re talking about diversity, it’s not a box to check. It is a reality that should be deeply felt and held and valued by all of us.”

-Ava DuVernay

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