With a focus on auditing and innovation, Inclusifyy guides organizations in building truly diverse workforces that thrive in cultures of equity and inclusion.

Turn intention into action.

Your community deserves the most 
innovative programs, services, and spaces.

  •  Are diversity, equity, and inclusion 'side of the desk' activities for when you have free time?

  • Did you know many CEOs and community leaders struggle with building a diverse workforce that reflects the community?

  • Are you concerned about the future of your organization and remaining relevant and innovative?

  • When you imagine your community five years from now, is your current workforce prepared to meet its needs?

  • Did you know that when a workforce reflects the diversity of its clients,  it  is 158% more likely to understand those clients' needs?

You don’t need to be a hostage to the present.

Be a community leader who capitalizes on
diversity, equity, and inclusion and remains
relevant and innovative.

"Not everything that is faced can be changed,
but nothing can be changed until it is faced."

-James Baldwin

Don’t struggle alone.
Inclusifyy will help you build a diverse 
and create an inclusive workplace culture.

Prioritize diversity and inclusion to create a high-performing
and resilient workforce equipped to attend to tomorrow’s challenges.

Diverse workforces accomplish more:

  • The ability to innovate increases by 83%.

  • Responsiveness to changing customer needs increases by 31%.

  • Team collaboration increases by 42%.

A diverse workforce is less vulnerable to change. By building a truly inclusive organization, you can foster a culture of adaptive resilience, enabling your staff to add value and competitiveness to your community. This will encourage social cohesion, enhance economic vitality, foster cultural belonging, drive innovation, and promote creativity.


We care about helping you build a diverse, equitable, and inclusive organization. Inclusifyy will support you in the following ways: 

Keynote Speaking 

One-hour presentations that inspire your staff to evaluate diversity, equity, and inclusion through a thought-provoking, action-oriented lens.

  • Staff day presentations

  • Townhall presentations

  • Corporate events



Interactive and incisive half-day or full-day sessions help your leadership team and staff engage with diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives through an action-oriented lens.

  • Onsite half-day workshop

  • Onsite full-day workshop

  • Offsite options available

Bespoke Consulting Solutions

Assess, audit, & analyze the current state of your organization.

Develop bespoke solutions & strategies to achieve diversity goals.

Inclusifyy will help you execute your customized strategy so that you see real, measurable results.


"Discomfort is the price of admission to a meaningful life."

-Susan A. David, Ph.D.

How It Works

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Choose a service

Step 3: 


Become a leader in your community

  • Be the leader who shifts the needle. Create a high-performing and resilient workforce equipped to attend to tomorrow’s challenges.

  • Imagine how great it would feel to be a leader who successfully addresses diversity, equity, and inclusion with confidence.

Inclusifyy can create a road map for you and guide you.


“Our business hired Amanda to research and provide services needed in our start-up. She is a strategic and lateral thinker with great execution skills. We recommend working with Amanda to help your leadership team excel."

Tyler Mosher

CEO, Board of Director, Entrepreneur

"Amanda’s presentation on Diversity and Inclusion provides excellent information and starts a necessary dialogue within the field. Highly recommended!"​

Colette Poitras

Manager of Indigenous Public Library Outreach Chair of the Indigenous Matters Committee, Canadian Federation of Libraries Association

"Amanda cares deeply about diversity and inclusion. She thinks differently, challenges the status quo, and comes up with novel solutions rooted in facts and data. I can always count on Amanda for honest and candid feedback that challenges my thinking. When seeking her opinion or consulting with her I find my opinions being changed by a new understanding or that her challenging questions and insights have helped me to fortify my current position."

Joe Barone

Manufacturing Product Group Leader,  3M

"I attended Amanda's Whiteness in Librarianship session at OLA 2019. Not only was she a dynamic speaker, but the content of the presentation was honest and forward thinking. Her focus on accountability and measuring success in order to enact real change was refreshing. She takes diversity and inclusion beyond the basics while keeping everyone engaged."

Zile Ozols

Manager - Programming and Outreach at Brantford Public Library

"Amanda Fernandez, with energy and humor, is able to command the attention of large audiences and create a customized learning experience that challenges our assumptions and provides practical take-aways. Amanda was a Keynote Speaker at the City of Madison’s 2019 Women’s Leadership Series, Living the Vision: Inclusive, Innovative & Thriving where she delivered relevant, impactful information on Innovation and Leadership for the New Economy. Amanda has a wealth of knowledge and experience to build organizational excellence."

Alia Stevenson

Manager - Organizational Development, City of Madison, Wisconson



Amanda Fernandez, MI, MBA


I founded Inclusifyy to invest my skills, knowledge, and privilege into countering inequitable workplace practices. I am single-minded about DEI and setting our clients up for success: I guide change-makers in creating corporate cultures where all employees have the support and tools they need to thrive. 


I have extensive experience in people-management, leading large-scale 
organizational change, project management, and overall business awesomeness.


I believe in creating meaningful personal connections through empathetic listening, powerful story telling, and salty language. I am a fan of quality whiskies and bourbon, and my voice goes up two octaves when I see any non-human animal.

Call us:  +1647.801.5223

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