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Black Lives Matter: Post 6 (Organizations)

Leaders, Managers & Decision-makers: Would you ask your employees who are Black, Indigenous, or People of Colour (BIPoC), as well as members of other underrepresented groups, to fill out the following three-question survey?

Understand that it would be anonymous, providing employees with the security of knowing they can answer authentically & with complete honesty. Would you be confident in providing this opportunity for them & receiving the results thereof?

If, after reading the three questions, your answer is ‘no’, I invite you to reflect on & understand the source of your discomfort, and think about why you would not want to receive the feedback generated by these questions in particular.

Calls to action:

Leaders, Decision-makers, & Managers: Conduct this anonymous three-question survey as a starting point to ending anti-Black racism and discriminatory practices in your organizations.

Employees: If you feel safe in doing so, share this post with your colleagues, supervisors, managers, executive teams, and /or the CEO.

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